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Jim Mihara's studio is located
in Seattle's Meadowbrook neighborhood.
Near Wedgwood/Sandpoint.

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9 Reasons to become a fine instrumentalist:

  1. To fulfill our need to express emotion, which nourishes us, and contributes to our health.
  2. Develops ability to concentrate.
  3. Develops ability to organize free time.
  4. To have many options for participation in fun community, or professional ensembles throughout life.
  5. Becoming an accomplished musician has been proven to increase IQ and cerebral cortex neuron density.
  6. Provides kids with a peer group with similar interests in classical music.
  7. Most of the fun field trips in middle and high school are for the advanced musical ensembles.
  8. Provides an easy opportunity for supplementary income during college years, and potential living wage after college.
  9. Provides an opportunity to obtain college scholarship money.