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Jim Mihara's studio is located
in Seattle's Meadowbrook neighborhood.
Near Wedgwood/Sandpoint.

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One of the purposes of private lessons is to provide
students with the technical skills to achieve real
enjoyment through music-making. As adults, what we do for
a living provides food for our families, but music
provides food for our souls.

In the short term, with greater skills a child will have
greater confidence amongst his/her peers in school orchestras
and great pride in being a leader. In Middle School and
High School many of the available field trips are for the music
groups, but often only the "top" groups participate.

In the long term, I can think of no finer social activity than
sitting down with three friends and reading a Beethoven
String Quartet!

Of course, there are many benefits to learning an instrument,
including developing coordination, mental discipline, performance
confidence, organizational skills, and emotional expression.

If you are just thinking about having your child start an instrument
you may want to read the following article:

Starting An Instrument

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