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Jim Mihara's studio is located
in Seattle's Meadowbrook neighborhood.
Near Wedgwood/Sandpoint.

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Some Information On Joining The Studio

Acceptance into the studio is based on audition/interview.
Criteria for students include the following:
  • Love of playing the violin, or an interest in trying it.
  • A willingness to practice each day.
  • Emotional maturity and an ability to communicate well with adults.
  • Must not be swamped with other activities.

Criteria for parents include the following:
  • Ability to bring bring child to lessons on a consistent basis, including picking up the child on time at the conclusion of each lesson. (Parents are welcome to stay at the lesson)
  • For children 11yrs or younger (apprx), adult must be able to help the child practice each day, by offering monitoring and guidance.
  • Ability to help child organize their time and space to allow productive and enjoyable practicing. This includes a practice location that is comfortable and distraction-free. This also includes helping the child to not over-commit to too many activities.
  • Willingness to bring classical music "into the family", by attending concerts, listening to classical music at home, and helping child enjoy fun activities such as music summer camps.

This is not an exhaustive list, but should be able to give you a few ideas to discuss with your family. The level of commitment as outlined above is designed for students who are full members of my studio. Services I offer to my studio members include frequent workshops / recital opportunities, other community performance opportunities, guidance for entering festivals and auditioning for youth groups, and assistance in purchasing/acquiring instruments. However, on occasion I teach students for other reasons, such as a family I often work with that lives in Taiwan most of the year and comes to Seattle just in the summer.

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